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Why recycle with Compass

Why Compass Recycling

According to a January 2008 article in National Geographic magazine, the United States has recycled approximately 50% of the paper that businesses produce.

While this might sound like good news, we are faced with the challenge of somehow collecting the remaining 50%, and as you can imagine, the remaining 50% gets increasingly difficult to harness, due to a lack of business recycling.

Compass Recycling is here to help with those numbers by offering convenient, business recycling to San Antonio and the surrounding Central Texas cities.

Ecologically Sustainable Paper Recycling

It is interesting to note that the one resource mentioned above, that is ecologically sustainable, is the production and recycling of paper. In other words, through improved packaging designs, improved business recycling efforts, and managed tree harvesting, etc. we could conceivably satisfy all of our paper fiber demands without further depletion of this natural resource.

Businesses go through hundreds of pounds of paper each year, whether it is in the form of folders, printer paper, or cardboard boxes. Instead of throwing this precious resource away, companies are beginning to go “paperless” or implement business recycling into their daily

Make An Impact Globally

The goal of Compass Paper Recycling in New Braunfels is to play its part in closing the gap by making paper fiber more ecologically sustainable.

Every participant in our program should feel the satisfaction in knowing that their decision and action to have their business recycle on a local level does have a positive impact globally – especially since recycled paper fiber is a significant export for the United States.

Item Saved Recycled 1 Ton Savings Per Ton
Trees Saved 1 Ton 17 Trees
Gals. Oil Saved 1 Ton 380
Landfill Cubic Yds 1 Ton 3 Cubic Yards
Energy Savings KW 1 Ton 4000 KW
Water Saved Gal. 1 Ton 7000 Gals.

What Some of Our Clients Say About Us

"Magi Real Estate Services and our Tenants want to thank Compass Recycling for the years of service and personal attention you consistently show our properties. We believe and support recycling programs in our commercial properties and your expertise and diligence makes it a pleasure to carry out this company goal."

Louis D. Pisano - Vice President
Magi Real Estate Services

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