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Frequently Asked Questions

Shredding Questions

Is Compass HIPAA compliant?+
What is a "Certificate of Destruction"?+
Is the shredded paper recycled?+
In addition to paper, what else do you shred?+
Is there a minimum amount of paper required for shredding?+
Is there a maximum amount of paper that you can handle?+
Do you pick up file boxes?+
Do staples, paper clips or rubber bands need to be removed?+
What is your fee for shredding?+
How many containers will compass provide?+
where do we position the containers on the scheduled pick-up day?+
Do you pick up cardboard?+
what do your containers look like?+

Government Regulations

What is HIPAA?, FACTA?, GLBA? and ITEP?+

Sales and Rental Questions

Why should I rent instead of purchase my equipment?+
When does it make sense to purchase my equipment?+
Does Compass ever provide free equipment?+
How is insurance and liability insurance handled?+

What Some of Our Clients Say About Us

"Magi Real Estate Services and our Tenants want to thank Compass Recycling for the years of service and personal attention you consistently show our properties. We believe and support recycling programs in our commercial properties and your expertise and diligence makes it a pleasure to carry out this company goal."

Louis D. Pisano - Vice President
Magi Real Estate Services

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Compass Paper Recycling LLC,
P.O. Box 312628
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Plant Location

Paper Drop-Off Location
395 Wright Avenue
New Braunfels, TX

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